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Course Schedule

last modified 2013-03-04 08:37 AM

TOC Program course schedule for upcoming semesters.

The course schedule for TOC courses follows the on-campus semester calendar. Instructors will indicate any calendar variations. Students receive instructor contact information with their enrollment confirmation.

Courses offered during Spring Semester 2012-13:

EDT9501/5005 Teaching Online - (online) 3 cr., Grunwald (01/10/13 - 05/10/13) (Note: Next offering will be summer term 2014.)

Courses offered during Summer 2013 Term:

June 10-Aug. 2
EDT9502/5006 Designing & Constructing Online Courses 3 cr. (online) Grunwald
(Note: EDT9501/5005 is a prerequisite course.)

June 10-28
EDT8005 Digital Utilities for Teachers II - WEB 2.0 1 cr. (online) Potratz
July 1-19
EDT8012 Webpage Design and Construction 1 cr. (online) Draper
July 15-Aug. 2
EDT8003 Multimedia in the Classroom II – Video 1 cr. (online) DuFore 
EDT8011 Dynamic Classroom Presentations 1 cr. (online) Spriggs 
EDT8017 Using Google Tools to Communicate, Create, and Collaborate 1 cr. (online) Schmidt

Courses offered during Fall Semester 2013-14:

EDT5002 Emerging Technologies - (online) 3 cr., Du Fore (08/26/13 - 12/13/13) (Note: Next offering will be Fall Semester 2015.)

Course fees/registration:

Course tuition/fees are set by the MLC Office of Continuing Education.

Please consult their website for current information and access to an online registration form.

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