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Graduate Faculty: Can We Get a Short Biography?

last modified 2012-03-29 11:29 AM

God has blessed our program with highly qualified faculty. We want those interested in our program to know that. Sometimes our WELS teachers think they must go outside of MLC or the synod to get quality. They wonder if anything good can come from their own synod. It’s natural to think that way, but we need to assure our WELS teachers that they can get what they are looking for right here.

We want to put our graduate faculty biographies on our website so our students can recognize our qualifications and determine whether we might be a good fit for their needs and interests. We have created a sample biography of myself to let you know the format I am looking for.

Please email the content of your bio to the director of graduate studies and include the following information:

  1. Your current job responsibilities for your own institution and for MLC.
  2. A highlight of your experiences. (Focus on those experiences that may benefit your students.)
  3. Your research interests or areas of expertise.
  4. A brief highlight of who you are outside of your professional life.
  5. Your degrees exactly as you want them listed.
  6. A picture of yourself in your office (home or school) or classroom. (Bill Pekrul will take on-campus photos.)

I recognize that some adjuncts may need to get clearance with their own institution first. Don’t hesitate to let me know if you feel your name or bio should not be listed.

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