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Put May 18 on Your Calendar!

last modified 2013-03-05 04:02 PM

May 18 is graduation at Martin Luther College, and we hope every graduate faculty member can attend at MLC’s expense. Why? First, it is a chance to witness advisees and former students receive their master’s degrees. Second, graduate faculty members get to meet the families of our graduates and help them celebrate. Third, it is the only opportunity for the entire faculty to meet face to face. Fourth, it provides a chance for adjuncts to be part of the governance of the master’s program.

On graduation day, both on-campus and adjunct graduate faculty participate in the graduation ceremony in their full regalia. Afterwards they join in a reception with master’s graduates and their families. Later that day, the graduate faculty enjoys a delicious meal in their honor in the special events room. Most important, the entire graduate faculty gets to meet after dinner to discuss important concerns regarding the graduate program. It is hoped that all graduate faculty members can be present for this wonderful day. Additional details will be emailed soon.

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