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Match Your Master's Program to Your Ministry

last modified 2011-05-09 09:01 AM

MLC conducted a needs assessment before beginning its master's degree program to learn what kind of program WELS teachers wanted. After all, Martin Luther College is the WELS College of Ministry. Our teachers told us they want to become better at the things they do each day. Mostly they teach, but they also serve as leaders and help students with special needs. MLC listened.

MLC created a program that focuses on teaching and allows the participants to be in control of their programs. Students earn a Master of Science in Education degree, but they choose the courses they take. They select an emphasis to focus their studies and choose up to half of their program from 24 electives. Teachers match their courses to their ministries from areas of Instruction, Leadership, Special Education, Educational Technology, and other ministry needs.

We continue to listen. At the request of our teachers, we have expanded our program to help them obtain their teaching licenses while getting their master’s degrees. We’ve adjusted our class schedules to help those in the Leadership emphasis complete their programs in summers only. We allow teachers to take semesters off from classes without any hassles. We’ve expanded opportunities to learn how to use technology in classrooms. WELS teachers have told us they need a master's program that they can match to their ministries, and we listened because we are the WELS College of Ministry.

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