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New Courses and Professors Begin January!

last modified 2013-03-05 03:30 PM

The Spring semester will feature some new graduate professors and some new or revised courses. Graduate students are encouraged to sign up early to avoid missing out.

New Courses and Professors Begin January!

Dr. Paul Boehlke

New Course
EDT5003 Multimedia Technologies will be offered for the first time under direction of Wisconsin Lutheran College Professor Joseph DuFore. This course provides instructional uses of stand-alone and internet-based multimedia technologies including experiences with multimedia tools to produce multimedia components, audio and video, for classroom use.

New Professor
EDU5103 Improving Instruction in Math and Science has been completely redesigned by new adjunct instructor, Dr. Paul Boehlke.

Added Course
EDU5202 Behavioral and Emotional Disabilities will be taught online for the first time by new adjunct instructor Dr. Dennis Gulczynski. Previously this course was only available face to face. The face-to-face version will be offered in Summer 2013 as regularly scheduled.

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