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How can I get graduate credit for LIMs?

last modified 2011-07-26 05:07 PM

A cooperative effort between Martin Luther College (MLC), Wisconsin Lutheran College (WLC), the Commission on Lutheran Schools (CLS) and the New Teacher Center enables school leaders who complete all ten Leadership Institute Modules the opportunity to earn 3 graduate credits. These will be accepted into the MLC or WLC graduate degree programs and may be eligible for transfer to other institutions.

To apply for credits LIM participants must

1) complete all ten modules,

2) have a CLS approved Participant Goal and Planning Form for each LIM,

3) Enroll in the course Issues in School Administration satisfactorily complete its requirements, and

4) Pay the cost for 3 graduate credits to MLC.

The Participant Goal and Planning Form guides the participant's implementation, implemtation assessment, and further improvement for each of the ten modules. A Participant Goal and Planning Form is utilized for each module. A copy of these forms is available on this web site.

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