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Courses in the master’s program are scheduled for one semester (16 weeks) during the academic year. In the summer courses are scheduled for eight weeks.

Individual courses in the master’s program can vary in requirements, in the manner in which the course is conducted, in the time arrangement, and in the assignments. There are, however, four common characteristics:

  1. Each course is designed to be experiential, that is, the student will typically engage in some assignment or activity that relates to either classroom teaching or administrative/leadership responsibilities.
  2. Each course utilizes research is some way. This may relate to the ability to read and interpret research in the content areas of the course or the ability to conduct simple research.
  3. Each course requires writing skills commensurate with graduate work.
  4. Each course includes a reading list appropriate to graduate work.

Following are some links where you will be able to find more information on our courses:

Program Planning

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