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The Master of Science in Education is an online degree program that has the goal of contributing to the professional growth of teachers and encouraging them to be reflective, competent, and dedicated educators of children. It is designed for persons who have an undergraduate degree in education from an accredited college or university. Upon successful completion of the graduate program, students are awarded the Master of Science in Education (M.S.Ed.) degree.

Students in the program choose to focus their studies in one of four areas of emphases – Instruction, Leadership, Special Education, and Educational Technology.

The program design contains the following.

  1. A core of courses relating research to the principles and practices of elementary education.
  2. An emphasis choice in one of three areas.
    • Instruction: the development of general understandings and skills of a master teacher
    • Leadership: a focus on the roles and functions of a leader in schools and that person’s responsibility for the supervision and improvement of instruction
    • Special education: a focus on the curriculum, instruction, and assessment specific to children with special needs.
    • Educational Technology: a focus on curriculum integration of technology, school technology leadership, and employing technology to expand educational offerings
  3. Successful completion of 36 credits that include a capstone option for either 3 or 6 credits or a comprehensive examination.

Program Plan sheets are available for each emphasis.

Note: The master's degree program is not intended to fulfill state licensure requirements in any state for any purpose, however (D)MLC graduates between the years of 1970 and 2001 can enroll in the post-baccalaureate licensure program and earn their master's degree and K-6 Minnesota state teaching license simultaneously. The purpose of the special education emphasis is to help the generalist teacher work with children in the regular classroom.

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