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How to get your master's and state teaching license

last modified 2011-06-27 11:58 AM

In response to many requests by WELS teachers, MLC is now offering a program by which (D)MLC graduates from 1970 - 2001 can earn their master's degree and their Minnesota state teaching license at the same time. Some current graduate courses are being revised and some new graduate courses added that will enable teachers to "kill two birds with one stone."

All post-baccalaureate licensure requirements can be fulfilled as part of the master's degree program except for a licensure seminar. This 1-credit undergraduate seminar will be offered on campus during the week students are required to be at MLC for EDU5005 Foundations of Educational Research. Additionally, students in this program will have only one capstone project option for completing their master's degree: a 10-week professional experience internship that involves at least three weeks in a public school setting.

Teachers in states other than Minnesota should consult with their state to find out what additional requirements, if any, their state requires for local licensure.

Master's degree students wishing the post-baccalaureate option will need to apply to the MLC post-baccalaureate teaching license program. Dr. Cindy Whaley, MLC's licensure officer, will use the information supplied on the application and the student's official transcripts to determine the specific courses and requirements that each individual must fulfill.

The following courses may be required to fulfill both programs.

  • EDU5105 Improving Instruction Methodology*
  • EDU5109 Designing Classroom Instruction*
  • EDU5010 Diversity Issues in Education
  • EDU5207 Human Exceptionalities in the Classroom

*These courses have been revised to include the standards required for licensure. If courses with these names were taken prior to the Summer of 2011, they may not apply toward state licensure.

The following undergraduate seminar must be taken in addition to the master's requirements:

  • EDU9006 1-credit Licensure Workshop

The following is the only capstone project option available:

  • Internship: 10-week professional experience (3 weeks in a public school)

Students wishing to pursue post-baccalaureate MN teaching licensure alone and not a master's degree will enroll only in the MLC post-baccalaureate program. Courses for that program are at the undergraduate level and separate from the master's degree courses.

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