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Why did Scott Loberger choose the MLC master's program?

last modified 2011-10-17 04:54 PM

At MLC, you can match your master's degree to your ministry! Scott Loberger, principal and teacher at Mt. Olive Lutheran School, Delano MN, did. Read what he has to say . . .

Why did you decide to get a master's degree?


I am interested in improving my ability to serve as a teacher and principal. By enrolling in a master's program, I was committed to long-term growth as a teacher and leader in the church.

Why did you choose MLC for your degree?

I chose MLC for a number of reasons. First, I enjoy the fact that my classmates and instructors have first-hand knowledge of the situation that most called workers find themselves in. MLC's online program is geared to the called worker's experience. In other words, the instruction is geared to what we, as called workers, actually experience. Other programs are geared more towards what you would find in a public school setting, which doesn't always translate over to our school system.

Second, I really enjoy that I am still going to school (online) with fellow Christians. When case study questions arise, we are all attacking the problem with the same Christian perspective. Once again, it makes the learning useful and applicable to my classroom and my service as a principal.

How has your participation in the program affected your ministry?

The instruction is applicable. I am only about two-thirds of the way through, and I have already seen improvement in my instruction and my approach to the challenges a principal faces.

How has the MLC program matched your ministry?


The program was flexible. I have had no problems finding classes that have interested me and applied to what I am doing right now in my service. I am presently in the Instruction emphasis. However, seeing that I have been a principal for all of my 15 years of service, I was able to take the Supervision of Instruction course as well as The School as a Learning Community, which are classes that are more geared toward leadership. This flexibility has really allowed me the opportunity to gain insight into all areas of my ministry.

How has the MLC program fit INTO your ministry?

If you take a look at the 8 courses I have taken so far and when I've taken them, you can see the flexibility. I have typically taken two classes per calendar year based around big events taking place at our school and in my life. The ability to take a semester off when needed is crucial for me completing a program like this.

I don't know if financial biggies are anything you want to write about, but having the opportunity to stretch the program out over seven years allows teachers who are paying the bulk of the cost to manage that cost a little easier. Other colleges have two-year programs, but that means you must pay for the entire degree in a short period of time.

I also like the schedule flexibility. Being a called worker in a WELS school can make life very busy. Sometimes, you simply need a break and the easiest break to take is a semester off from the master's program.

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