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Moodle Tip: Enabling/Disabling Automatic Discussion Email Updates

last modified 2010-08-17 10:37 AM

If you are in a class that makes use of forums (discussion boards) you may have noticed that when someone posts a new message in a particular forum in Moodle, you sometimes get the message sent directly to your regular email account so you do not need to log into Moodle to read the message. This can be good or bad depending on your perspective. So, here is how to control this:

Once you enter your course in Moodle, click on the Forums link in the Activities block, usually located someplace in the left column of the course homepage. This takes you to a window with General forums and Learning forums where you will have a "Subscribed" column on the far-right. If a "Yes" is indicated in the column for a particular forum, then you will receive an email of the posting when someone posts to the forum.

To turn this feature off, simply click on "Yes" and it should turn to "No". If you have a "No" and want to turn the feature on, click the "No" and it should become a "Yes". When the course instructor created the forum he/she decided whether or not the original setting was a "Yes" or "No" and whether students could make any changes to the settings, etc. (If a "Yes" or "No" does not change when you click on it, the course instructor has set the subscription so students can not change its setting.)

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