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Moodle Tips: Adjust Your Moodle Profile

last modified 2011-05-27 09:40 AM

Please remember that your "picture" and "description" in your Moodle profile is considered directory-type information. This means that your picture should be an ID-type picture of yourself only.

The picture should be a close-up of your face, such as the type of picture seen on a diver's license. The picture should not be of you and your spouse, friend, child, family, car, pet, etc., just you. These other types of pictures of things happening in your life are great for use in your "introduction" forum within a specific course.

Also, the "description" in your profile should be a few short phrases or a sentence about your current position, such as, Grade 5-6 teacher and A.D. at St. John's Lutheran School, New Ulm, MN. It should not contain information about your family, or a list of places you have served, since that would not be directory-type information. Again, family information, past places you have served, how many graduate courses you have taken, etc., is great to use in your "introduction" forum within a specific course, but should not be part of your Moodle profile.

Instructions on updating your Moodle profile can be found on the Moodle Tips page in the document Editing your Profile. Also, feel free to contact Dr. Jim Grunwald if you need any assistance.

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