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Which MLC Profs Teach Grad Students?

last modified 2011-01-31 12:13 PM

Nine MLC faculty members serve on the undergraduate and graduate faculty. Like all MLC faculty members, they have real ministry experience. They also have gained additional expertise through advanced study and have a terminal degree (doctorate) or are near completion of such a degree. The on-campus graduate faculty members are as follows:

Which MLC Profs Teach Grad Students?

Dr. Wendler

Dr. James GrunwaldEnhancing the Curriculum with Technology

Teaching Online
Designing and Constructing Online Courses

Dr. Robert KlindworthSupervision of Instruction

School Law

Dr. Carla MelendyAssessment of Learning and Instruction
Prof. John MeyerFoundations of Educational Research
Dr. Lawrence OlsonFoundations of Ministry
Dr. Alan SpurginTeaching Children with Learning Disabilities

Diagnosis and Assessment of Students

Prof. Paul TessFoundations of Educational Research
Dr. David WendlerIssues in Education

Cognitive Psychology

Dr. Cynthia WhaleyA Balanced Approach to Reading Instruction
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