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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I find books, magazines, music, videos &  . . . ?

  1. Search MLC Library Catalog (iBistro). Search by words or phrase, author, title, or subject. See Understanding Call Numbers to find your book in the MLC library.
  2. If the book, magazine or other material that you seek is not available in the MLC Library Catalog, search MnLINK Gateway. Through MnLINK, libraries and community members have access to online catalogs from over 20 Minnesota library systems. You can place a loan request right on the MnLink website with your library ID number. Make sure you select MLC Library as the pick up location.
  3. If you don't find what you need in the MLC Library catalog or through MnLink search OCLC Worldcat. Worldcat connects you to the collections and services of more than 10,000 libraries worldwide. Materials found outside the MLC catalog and MNLINK catalog can be requested through the Inter-Library Loan services. 
  4. Other sources for finding books is using e-Content. The MLC Library subscribes to a number of eBook databases, providing digital versions of books, journals, and database content. 

How do I download eBooks from Overdrive?


Overdrive Download Library is a virtual library service for downloading eBooks, audiobooks and movies. Find all our eContent in e-Books.

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How do I find articles?

When You Know the Article You Are Looking For:


When you have a citation or reference for an article in hand and want to find a copy of the article, you want to do what is called a 'known item search.'

  • First search the library catalog to see if we have the journal of the article in print.  
  • Use the Library's 360 Search, which provides links to electronic versions (if available) of articles.  Using the Search by Database, Advanced Search option, fill in each of the known fields (author and title are best).  Select "All" databases or the database of your choice.
  • Another resource to find articles of a known source is Journal Titles (e-Journal Portal). This search will take you to the table of contents of your journal to browse and select the known article title.


When You Know the Topic of the Article:


If you are looking for an article or articles on a particular subject or topic, you will want to use what is known as a 'bibliographic database or index'.

  • Use 360 Search to find the right database or index for your topic. Begin with a Basic search and Subject Category, using one of the preselected, subject-based database groups.  By selecting a subject group you can do a search in an individual database or search multiple databases at once. Use the Field drop-down menu to select the type of search you want to do.
  • Subject searching is also available in Journal Titles (e-Journal Portal). A subject search within e-Journal Portal results in a list of sub-categories, and related journal titles. Selecting a journal title will provide the database or index in which this title is held. Choose a database and continue searching for articles associated with your subject search.

If you need a "peer-reviewed" or scholarly journal article...

  • 360 Search and many databases, such as Academic Search Premier have a check box to limit your results to peer reviewed or scholarly article literature.


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How do I make an inter-library loan (ILL) request?


Inter-library loan (ILL) is a service that requests materials not found in the MLC Catalog or MnLink libraries but from national and international libraries. This service is available free for all current MLC students, faculty and staff. Because of fees associated with ILL, local residents are asked to use their public libraries for this service.

Requests are made by completing an ILL request form online or by paper form located at the reference desk. Contact the reference librarian by Email or call 354-8221, ext. 249 am or 354-8221 ext. 209 pm. Reference desk hours are 1 pm to 4:30 pm Monday-Friday.

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How do I find course reserves?

Course reserves are located at Circulation, and are available all hours the library is open. Most of the items on reserve are placed at the request of MLC instructors. Items on reserve commonly include CD’s, videos, library books and journal articles. The items remain on the shelf until the corresponding class is over for the term, or until the instructor asks to have the material removed.

Patrons request these items by Professor name and item title at Circulation. Items have an in-library-use, 2 hour check-out period policy and should be returned to circulation within the time allowed. Materials may be renewed if other copies are available. Items are checked out on a first come, first serve basis. See Fines for information on late charges. View collection locations or a map of the library.

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How do I borrow library materials?

The Circulation desk is located on the upper level of the library near the library enterance. All items eligible for loan may be checked out at Circulation with an MLC or TdS identification card. MLC students, faculty, staff and local patrons are allowed to have up to 25 books, 5 audio visual, and 2 art print items on loan at a time.

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How long can materials be held?

  • General Collection: - 21 days, 2 renewals (Children’s Literature, Bound Journals, & Curriculum Items).
  • Multimedia Collections Fiction: - 7 days, 0 renewals (Videos, CDs, CD-Roms, audio cassettes, DVDs, etc).
  • Multimedia Collections NonFiction: - 21 days, 0 renewals (Videos, CDs, CD-Roms, audio cassette, DVDs, etc.).
  • Materials from other Libraries: - designated by lending library (InterLibrary Loans).
  • Course Reserves: 2 hours , renewal if there are more copies on shelf. On-site use only.
  • Non-Circulating Collections: On-site use only. (Reference, Newspapers, Current Periodicals, Microformats, and Special Collections).

See fines & Charges

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Where do I return my library materials?

During regular open library hours please return your materials to the Circulation desk.  The book drop at the main entrance has been placed there for your convenience for after library hours.  Items also may be returned by mail or delivery service to:

          Martin Luther College Library
          1995 Luther Ct.
          New Ulm, MN 56073

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How do I get a library card? 

The student ID card that you were issued as an MLC student is your library card, the same card you use for the cafeteria and entering your dorm.  Library/Student ID Cards are provided by Network Services located on second floor of the Wittenburg Collegiate Center. To receive a card you will be asked for some personal information and have your picture taken for a photo ID.

Library/Student ID Card

  • These cards are issued during orientation for freshman and new students at the beginning of the new school year by Network Services.

  • Summer Session students who do not already have an ID card will need to contact Network Services when arriving on campus.

  • If you lose or damage your ID card, Network Services will issue a temporary card good for 4 days. If you do not find your permanent card within 4 days you are required to purchase a replacement for a fee of $20.

MLC Faculty and Staff Library/ID Card

  • These cards are issued by Network Services please contact them to update or replace damaged cards.

Emeriti MLC Faculty Library/ID Card

Traverse des Sioux Library/ID Card

(Allows borrowing privileges for area residents.)

  • New Ulm residents, families of MLC faculty and staff are asked to obtain a card from the public library at 17 N. Broadway. Guests from the surrounding area should get a card from their home TdS Library.

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How do I activate my card?

Upon receiving your card, you will need to go to library Circulation and have your card activated before you can check-out any materials.

  • Freshman and transfer student's cards are activated for the fall semester.
  • Second semester new students, transfer students and summer school students will need to activate their own cards. Activation can be done at the library circulation desk during day-time office hours: Monday through Friday 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

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How do I set-up and manage my library account?

Logging in for the first time:

  1. In the upper right corner of the Catalog home page enter the user ID number (the 14 digit number on your student ID card) and the password “changeme”.
  2. In the new window look for "My Account" on the tool bar above the search box. Select “My Account”.
  3. Select “User Password Change”.
  4. Once again enter the user ID number and the password “changeme”.
  5. Finish setting up an account by choosing a new password, type in the new password a second time and select, “Change Pin”.
  6. Your account is now set up.

 To Review an Account

  1. On the Catalog home page, select “My Account” from the toolbar and login.
  2. The account will show materials currently checked out, materials overdue, and any holds that have been placed.
  3. On this page holds can be modified.

 To Renew Materials

  1. On the Catalog home page, select “My Account” from the toolbar and login.
  2. Select "Renew My Materials."
  3. All materials that are renewable are listed.
  4. Place a checkmark in front of the materials to be renewed.
  5. Select “Renew Selected Items”. 

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