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Services and Policies

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What you'll find at the library and how to use them.




Computer availability and policies.

Computer Lab

Library Computer Workstations

The Library Computer Lab is located on the lower level of the library and provides 15 computer stations with printing availability. Six computer stations are located on the upper level next to the Children's Literature collection.  MLC students, faculty and staff have computer network accounts providing access to e-mail, word-processing, spreadsheet & database functions, library catalog & database resources, other utilities and Internet access. If there is any problem with logging in contact Network Services at 354-8221 ext.100 or These computers are capable of burning files to CD’s, and saving to a USB flash drive or the network.

Public Computer Use

The MLC library does have computer access for the general public.


All computers are connected to a network black/white printer. Printing to network printers is metered at a cost of $0.05 per black/white page. The cost of printing is deducted from the patrons network account.

Color Printing

Color printing of material is available through the library Media Center office. When ready to print, select from the computer printer dropdown menu, Xerox 8400, complete the printing setup and print. Copies can be picked up in the Media Center office.



Acceptable use of the MLC network is based on common sense, common decency and civility applied to the network computing environment. Use the college’s computing resources and facilities for legitimate college-related purposes. Show courtesy in sharing computer time. Give priority to classroom and school-related projects.

Misuse of Computers*

Unacceptable uses include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Using the network for any purpose which violates federal/state laws.
  • Using the network for commercial purposes.
  • Misrepresenting your identity in the use of the network.
  • Using an IP address not assigned to you.
  • Sending or storing patently harassing, intimidating, abusive or sexually explicit material.
  • Intercepting or altering network packets or data transmissions.
  • Causing congestion on the network by activities such as propagating ‘chain letters’, ‘broadcasting’ messages to groups or individuals, and playing of interactive network multi-user games.
  • Copying, storing, and/or distributing copyrighted materials without appropriate authorization. Unauthorized copying may constitute plagiarism or theft.
  • Unacceptable uses of the network may result in reprimand, loss of Internet access, loss of your network account or other disciplinary actions.  

*Taken from the MLC Student Handbook pages 30-31. 


For more information and help with computer access contact Network Services Office (WCC 293) during business hours. 




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Copy Services

 Self-Service Photocopying

There is a self-service, black/white photocopier on the upper level of the library.  This copier takes nickels, dimes, and quarters.

A second photocopier is located at Circulation. Please ask for assistance at the desk.

Pricing:  10 cents per copy.


Black and white transparencies can be requested at Circulation. Transparency film is provided with the cost of printing.

Pricing:   25 cents per transparency.

Microfiche and Microfilm

A microfiche and microfilm reader-printer is located on the upper floor of the library in the audiovisual room, copies of articles can be printed from this machine.

Pricing:  10 cents per copy.


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General Policies

Information about confidentiality, fines, lost & found, food & drink and damaged materials.

  1. Confidentiality of Records

  2. Fines & Charges

  3. Lost & Found

  4. Food and Drink Policy

  5. Lost or Damaged Library Materials


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Media Center

Resources for preparing teacher materials and borrowing technology equipment.

Media Center Resources

The Media Center located on the lower level of the MLC Library offers many services for faculty, students and community members.  Many of the services are free of charge, but some have a charge sufficient to cover the cost of the materials used. This policy is the same for MLC students, faculty, staff and community members.Media Center

The following is a comprehensive listing of all services provided by MLC Media Center:

Check-out privileges

These items may be checked out from the Media Center Office.

  1. Cameras, digital (still and video), VHS camcorder, older 35mm, and tripods.
  2. Projectors: slide, filmstrip, opaque, overhead. 
  3. Six foot portable projection screen.
  4. Audio/video equipment: tape recorder/players, CD/Boombox, VCR player and DVD player.

Media Services

  1. Laminating – up to 27" wide material, any length. 
  2. Dry mounting (photos, art prints).
  3. Poster making – 8 1/2 x 11 sheets enlarged to various sizes up to 25 X 36 (single color printing includes black, green, blue, red).
  4. Audiotape, videotape, CD and DVD duplicating.
  5. Die-cutters for alphabet letters and shapes.  Six unique types and sizes of letters and over 100 curriculum-related shapes.


  6. Digital video editing lab - eMac computer with iMovie and FinalCutPro applications.
  7. Conference phone module.
  8. Aids for producing classroom materials, such as paper cutters, markers, crayons, scissors, sponge shapes, stamps and stamp pads, rubber cement and donated paper supplies in smaller sizes.
  9. To request any of the above services, contact the media specialist by phone (354-8221, ext. 249 am, ext. 209 pm), e-mail, or stop in the Media office.

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Conference/Meeting Rooms

A conference room with a large table and 20 upholstered arm chairs that includes TV/VCR with cable/satellite connection, phone outlet and network connection is located on the lower level of the library. The conference room is accessible by the elevator. Other rooms available are:

  1. Small conference room with audio set-up including turntable.
  2. Four study carrels with TV and VCR/DVD combos.
  3. Large workroom with 10 3x6 tables, large enough for classroom or workshop use.


Email the Media office, for reserving time in these rooms.


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Placing materials on reserve.

Reserve shelf policies and procedures.

Place Items on Reserve (Instructors Only)

Items may be placed on course reserve at the request of the instructor. Items may be checked out at Circulation for a 2-hour in-library-use period. Special requests for longer check out time will be evaluated as they occur.  Instructors may place library books & bound journals, exams, personal books/videos, and articles on reserve.

In compliance with the inter-library loan code, our library cannot accept items from other libraries for our reserve shelf. (SMILE Inter-library Loan Code)

Course reserve request forms may be obtained at Circulation or by emailing . All copyrighted materials placed on reserve must conform to copyright law. Two days should be allowed for processing all course reserve requests.

Library books requested that are currently checked out will be recalled for placement on course reserve. Books which cannot be found in the stacks will be traced.


Copyright Notice for Course Reserves

Excerpt from Copyright Clearance

Under copyright law, the copyright owner has exclusive right to duplicate and distribute the work, except in cases of "fair use". The fair use exception allows reasonable use of photocopies without the copyright owner's permission for criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.

Four factors to consider in regard to "fair use" are:

  • The purpose of the use (commercial vs. educational)
  • The creative nature of the copyrighted work (it may be fairer to copy a book of tables or a bibliography than a novel or screen play)
  • The size of the portion copied in relation to the work as a whole, or the importance to the overall work of the portion copied.
  • The effect of the use on the potential market or value of the work.


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Starbooks Room

This comfortable study lounge is open during regular library hours and is located on the lower level of the library. Furnished with pub tables, lounge chairs and wireless internet access, StarBooks offers our library patrons a quiet and relaxed atmosphere.

Coffee is available for group meetings by advance request. Inquire at the library office at 354-8221 ext. 242 or email the library at: .

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Study Rooms/Listening Viewing Rooms

Reserve a library room for a class, presentation or group study session.

Study Rooms

The Library has several study/conference rooms that provide space for private, small to medium group meetings or classes.  Rooms are located on both the lower and upper level floors. Reservations can be made at the circulation desk to ensure their availability. See a map for room locations.

Listening/Viewing Rooms

On the lower level of the library there are listening/viewing rooms furnished with TV VHS/DVD combo players. CD players are available in the media office for check out. These rooms are available during regular library hours. No reservations are necessary. 


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Wireless Network

The library provides wireless access to the Internet though-out the building. For students to get onto the MLC Network a username and password is required.

Guests can log onto the Internet through the guest login. A password is required, please inquire at Circulation for information.

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