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Teacher Mentor - Qualifications & Application Process

last modified 2012-12-06 12:02 PM
Mentor Qualifications
The key to quality induction is quality mentoring. Therefore, a WELS mentor is required to take and complete the New Teacher Center mentor training. WELS mentors are specifically trained in instructional mentoring, coaching & observation, analyzing student work to guide instruction, designing and presenting professional development, among others. In addition, WELS mentors continue growing professionally by annually attending numerous workshops, classes, and conferences relating to current educational topics. They often hold a current state teaching license.

Professional Experience and Effective Practice:

  • Recognized as an exemplary teacher by administrators and colleagues
  • Recognized as a professional and Christian role model by administrators, colleagues, and community
  • Demonstrates the ability to collaborate with all members of a school community, sharing ideas, following through with responsibilities and affecting positive change
  • Reflects on own practice, invites feedback and establishes an open environment for others to observe effective instructional practices
  • Completed at least 3 years of effective classroom teaching

Effective Interpersonal Communication Skills:

  • Listens attentively and asks questions that prompt reflection and understanding
  • Respects confidentiality and is able to maintain a trusting, professional relationship
  • Offers feedback with the intention to move teachers’ ministry and practice forward for increased student learning

Professional Characteristics:

  • Demonstrates a strong passion and commitment for professional growth, collaboration and learning
  • Is willing to engage in training and study to increase the effectiveness of mentoring and coaching skills
  • Believes mentoring improves instructional practice for both the mentee and the mentor
  • Displays an understanding of the beginning stages of teacher development and its impact on student learning
  • Believes in the value of, and is willing to engage in, the formative assessment process with beginning teachers through reflective conversations and non-evaluative observations based on assessment evidence

Application Requirements
To be considered for a mentor position in the WELS induction process, you must submit a complete application that includes all of the following items:

  • 1-page cover letter
  • Professional letter of recommendation from your current or most recent supervisor that speaks to your qualifications for the position: collaboration, communication, and interpersonal skills.
  • Application form
  • Written responses to the following questions:
    • What strengths do you bring to the position? What might you anticipate as your challenges?
    • How might you support a beginning teacher who is struggling with classroom management? How might you approach the teacher? What would you say?
    • How have you addressed student’s diverse academic needs in your classroom? Please provide an example.
    • Tell us about the role of assessment in your teaching practice. What strategies were implemented in analyzing student data that may benefit a beginning teacher?
    • What would you hope to gain from your experience as a WELS Instructional Mentor?

For more information contact:
Attn: Kathy Horn
WELS Commission on Lutheran Schools
2929 N Mayfair Rd.
Milwaukee, WI 53222
Phone: (414) 256-3888
Fax: (414) 256-3899

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