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October 2012

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CECW Update - Teachers
Under direction of the CECW, the Commission on Lutheran Schools (CLS) and Martin Luther College (MLC) have teamed up to provide improved direction and resources for WELS teacher continuing education. Following the advice of the Strengthening Educators for Ministry (StEM) task force, their efforts have been focused on three areas: 1) new teachers, 2) veteran teachers, and 3) school leaders.
Grow In Grace
A program of continuing education for WELS pastors.
October Issue - Archived
What is the CECW?
The Committee for the Continuing Education of Called Workers (CECW) serves the WELS Conference of Presidents. Its charge is to carry out the 2009 synod convention directive to provide “a coordinated and comprehensive program of continuing education for called workers that meets real ministry needs…” (2009 Proceedings, p. 70). Led by synod First Vice-President James Huebner, this committee does the following…
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