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February 2013

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Pastoral Leadership
Pastors provide leadership in many ways as they shepherd God’s people. Besides being the congregation’s spiritual leader, pastors plan, organize, coordinate, and train others. They also assist the congregation in setting a vision and carrying it out. Various agencies provide opportunities for WELS pastors to grow in their various leadership skills. Read about opportunities for growth in pastoral leadership.
School Leadership
The principal is a position that comes to mind when we consider school leaders. However, school leaders include all people who guide, influence, and carry out the programs of a school, such as early childhood directors, athletic and music directors, and teachers. Read on to learn about support for school leadership that is either offered now or being planned.
Congregational Leadership
God appoints lay leaders in every congregation. These leaders are vital to the church’s gospel mission. Many local and district groups provide opportunities for lay people to grow in gifts of leadership. This issue highlights leadership training programs developed for synod-wide use. Read about these programs for both lay men and women.
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