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From the back corner . . .

last modified 2007-10-10 10:12 AM

A short message from the President to the Student Body

Good morning, MLC family!

Occasionally, I will try to communicate with the student body of MLC with a few observations and matters of interest. I'll entitle these communiqu├ęs "From the back corner..." just to let you know that the guy in the back corner office is thinking about you and praying for you. Each note will be short, at least as short as a verbose pastor can make it!

Thank you

There are several reasons I wish to extend my personal thanks to you. Thanks for the friendly patience as I try to gradually get to know a "congregation" of over 700. No doubt I will continue to mess up many names, but keep laughing with me. I truly do appreciate the warm welcome from you.

Thank you also for honoring the visitor parking spaces in front of the main doors to WCC. I truly appreciate it. As the year progresses, we will have many guests on campus. Whether recruitment prospects, friends or supporters of MLC, special presenters - I would like them to receive special attention immediately by having spaces reserved for them. As a campus family we can all work together to give visitors a warm welcome. Our smiles reflect the Savior's smile to our guests.

Thank you also for the faithful and prompt attention to your financial obligations at MLC. I know that college costs are expensive. You know that our WELS and MLC also face challenging financial times. I thank the student body for working with MLC to promptly make arrangements to pay your school costs. Promptness does save MLC time and money. It is another demonstration of the fruits of faith so evident in a body of believers. There are remarkably few delinquent accounts at this time. I thank you. Just so you know, it will be my policy to check on delinquent accounts at the beginning of each semester and simply ask the people involved to come in and explain the situation to me. Then I'll work with the individual to set up an appointment with financial services to establish some kind of payment schedule.

Final thoughts

I struggle with names, and I have no delusion that I'll get all of your names in my memory banks any time soon. Yet I will pray for you, confident that the Savior God who washed you in baptism knows each of you perfectly. The psalmist declares, The LORD heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds. He determines the number of the stars and calls them each by name. Great is our LORD and mighty in power; his understanding has no limit. (Ps. 147) If God has the countless stars named, you can be confident each of his baptized children are known and dearly loved. What infinite understanding our Father has to know your individual needs and worries, your plans and dreams. I pray for the student body confident that for Jesus' sake, the Father will bless each of you according to his good and gracious will.

Jesus keep you safe in his warm embrace and richly bless your year of studies in his Word and in his world. For our brothers and sisters who are going out practice teaching, may Jesus grant you safe journeys and bless your work! Thanks for reading.

Cordially, President Mark Zarling

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