News & Notes

MLC Master's Turns 10!

The Lord has blessed MLC's graduate program and students in many ways over the past ten years. In honor of our anniversary, here are ten changes that show God's blessing:

2015 Graduation Celebration!

Graduation on May 16 was blessed by God. We had 10 graduates receive their master's degrees. Here are some pictures and videos from that day!

New Policy: Active Student Status Required

Beginning in fall 2015, all graduate students will need to be enrolled in a course to maintain active status. A new course, EDU6999 Continued Graduate Studies, has been created for students who otherwise do not plan to take a course. This policy change enables MLC to more accurately serve graduate students and track their progress.

Meet Our 2015 Masters Graduates!

On May 16, 10 graduate students will be recognized for earning their Master of Science in Education degrees. As they walk the stage to receive their diplomas, they will be an example of faithful service for those receiving their bachelor's degrees and an inspiration for all current master's degree students. We thank God for their dedication and pray the Lord uses their professional development and commitment for the building up of his kingdom. This year’s graduates are . .