TOC Courses

The TOC program consists of two required core courses and a pool of elective courses.

Core courses allow students and instructors to ensure that broad competencies have been met as well as providing the participant a solid foundation. Emphasis will be placed on best-standards for online teaching and learning, as well as the effective use of a Learning Management System. TOC program participants are required to complete two courses within this category for 6 credits.

Elective courses allow participants to elect courses that may pertain more closely to their particular situation, areas of responsibility, preferences, and/or fields of expertise. These courses are designed to be highly integrative, giving the participants optimal ways of utilizing current technologies in an online environment to enhance teaching and learning. TOC program participants complete 3 credits from this pool of courses.

Required Courses– 6 credits (both are required, but other courses may be taken first)

  • EDT5005/9501 Teaching Online, 3cr
  • EDT5006/9502 Designing and Constructing Online Courses, 3cr


Elective Courses (Choose 3 credits from the following)

  • EDT8002 Multimedia in the Classroom I - Audio, 1cr
  • EDT8003 Multimedia in the Classroom II - Video, 1cr
  • EDT8004 Digital Utilities for Teachers I - Online Applications, 1cr
  • EDT8005 Digital Utilities for Teachers II - WEB 2.0, 1cr
  • EDT8006 Assistive and Remedial Technologies, 1cr
  • EDT8011 Dynamic Classroom Presentations, 1cr
  • EDT8012 Webpage Design and Construction, 1cr
  • EDT8017 Using Google Tools to Communicate, Create, & Collaborate, 1cr