Early Childhood Educator Program


The Early Childhood Educator Program is being designed to provide current early childhood teachers with a comprehensive understanding of developmentally appropriate practices in early childhood. Early childhood teachers are encouraged to take all 11 courses. These courses are also being aligned to the Child Development Associate (CDA) national credentialing program so that teachers completing all 11-courses will be prepared to apply for the CDA credential. 

Bold courses are already being offered. Watch for others to be added soon.




Course NumberCourse Name

Online (OL) or
Face-to-Face (F2F)

EDU8xxx Health and Safety in Early Childhood Centers OL
PED8101 Physical and Motor Development for Pre-Primary F2F
EDU8101 Intellectual, Social, and Emotional Development OL
EDU8102 Operation and Management of the ECE Program OL
EDU8103 Developing Home and School Relationships F2F /  OL
EDUxxxx Roles and Responsibilities of the Lutheran Early Childhood Educator OL
EDU8104 Observation and Assessment (2 credits) OL
EDU8105 Encouraging Literacy Development OL
EDU8106 Play and Learning Experiences OL
EDU8108 Preprimary Curriculum Essentials I F2F
EDU8109 Preprimary Curriculum Essentials II F2F