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Fall 2013 Technology Courses

EDT5002 Emerging Technologies in Education     3 credits
Joseph DuFore                Aug 26 - Dec 13        Online
An investigation of emerging technologies as they apply to the educational environment. Technologies include Web 2.0, cloud computing, and application categories such as presentation, storage, graphics and design, and interactive applications such as Google apps.  Emphasis on using open-source applications and tools in an educational setting.


EDT8006 Assistive and Remedial Technologies    1 credit
Jason Schmidt                Oct 24 - Nov 13        Online
An examination of  the educational issues that arise when students with varying cognitive and physical abilities exist within the classroom. Participants examine how various digital tools, including hardware and software, can be used to help students of varying abilities better succeed in the classroom. Tools include line scanners, voice recognition software, computer assisted instruction, etc.


EDT8013 Designing and Constructing Church/School Websites   1 credit
Sallie Draper                   Oct 3 - Oct 23         Online
Examinations and evaluations of existing church/school websites. Constructing and/or editing a church/school website.  The WELS site "FinalWeb" is examined as a possible solution for webhosting.   (Prerequisite: EDT8012 Webpage Design and Construction)


EDT8014 Publication Design & Construction Using Publisher    1 credit
James Grunwald             Nov 14 - Dec 4         Online
The basic design principles of proximity, alignment, repetition, and contrast as explained in the book The Non-Designers Design Book. Participants apply these design principles as they critique an existing publication and create a publication of their own using Publisher. Publisher, a desktop publishing program, is often used to create school, congregational, and business newsletters, posters, brochures, flyers, bulletins, etc. Topics covered in the course include design issues, page setup, borders, templates, text boxes, word art, clip art, and printing, as well as copyright issues as they pertain to congregations and schools.


WEB1003 Blend, Enhance, Flip: Recipes for Hybrid Learning Non-credit/four clock hours
David Sellnow                  October 21-25          Online
Today's technology makes learning possible without a classroom. Millions of K-12 students in the United States now take at least one course online; about two million K-12 students are enrolled in fully online schools. But one leader in online education has said that the "killer application" of online learning is a hybrid approach, blending online learning with a traditional classroom setting. You can add web-enhancements or create full lessons or assignments that combine face-to-face and web-based instruction and activities. You can even "flip" your classroom, doing teaching online and spending classroom time on what you had been assigning as homework. This webinar will acquaint you with trends in hybrid learning-blending online learning with a traditional classroom approach. You will get ideas on how to implement some form of blended learning with your own students.