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Getting to Know the WELS Teaching Standards

The WELS Commission on Lutheran Schools has developed a set of WELS Teaching Standards as a framework to guide educators in faithful service. This series helps WELS teachers and principals understand each standard and their intended use. Ten WELS educational leaders lead faculties through the WELS Teaching Standards using flexibly scheduled online delivery and resources. 

The goals for this set of inservices are two-fold.

  1. To help each teacher understand each standard's purpose and terminology and apply it to the art of teaching.
  2. To help each teacher understand how the WELS teaching standards provide a picture of what teaching looks like, and how the standards can be a useful tool for guiding assessment, reflection, and professional growth.
The resources for each standard provide the faculty leader with approximately one hour of discussion with flexible options for more or less time depending on the school's needs. The suggested schedule is one standard each month, however faculties can schedule according to their needs. Interactions with the discussion leader and other faculties will be limited for schools adopting their own schedule.

WELS Teaching Standards & Inservice Schedule


Mr. James Rademan - CLS

  • Understanding the purpose of the WELS teaching standards
  • FOUNDATION: Christian teachers are faithful servants of Jesus Christ.  


Professor Alan Bitter - WLC

  • STANDARD ONE: Christian teachers know the subjects they are teaching.


Professor Ronald Ohm - MLC

  • STANDARD TWO: Christian teachers know how individuals grow and develop.


Dr. Carrie Pfeifer - St. Croix Lutheran High School

  • STANDARD THREE: Christian teachers understand that individuals learn differently.



Dr. Cynthia Whaley - MLC

  • STANDARD FOUR: Christian teachers know how to teach. 



Dr. Robert Klindworth - MLC

  • STANDARD FIVE: Christian teachers know how to create and maintain a Christian learning environment.



Professor William Pekrul - MLC

  • STANDARD SIX:  Christian teachers communicate effectively.  



Professor David Tess - WLC

  • STANDARD SEVEN: Christian teachers know how to plan a variety of effective lessons.



Dr. Carla Melendy - MLC

  • STANDARD EIGHT: Christian teachers know how to assess student progress.



Dr. John Meyer - MLC

  • STANDARD NINE: Christian teachers know how to grow spiritually and professionally.



  • STANDARD TEN: Christian teachers are connected with colleagues and the community.